R.A.V.E.N. – Zaventem



Treat yourself with high quality food

What options do we have for you?

Before or after an intense VR session, we recommend a delicious meal and perhaps a tasteful glass of wine at our premises. 


We have a wide variety of catering possibilities available, ranging from wine and cocktails to a delicious Thai buffet. 


Sit back and enjoy your meal, and let us take care of the rest! Contact us to find the right choice for your team.

Open bar 1h

Standard: (Softdrinks, wine, cava, lager beer) 


€12,00 p.p.


Extended time possible from €12,00 p.p./hour.

Premium: (Standard + liquors) 


€20,00 p.p.   


Extended time possible from €12,00 p.p./hour.

Cocktail Bar: (All in cocktail package)  


€30,00 p.p.


Extended time possible from €18,00 p.p./hour.

Mixed sandwich lunch

€12 per person | Possible till 3PM

Meat or veggie bread

Meat or veggie French bread



Different kind of pastries


Homemade pizzas

€15 per person | vegetarian options available

Peperoni & mushrooms

Minced meat

Paprika, onion & minced meat

Thai buffet

€30 per person

Spicy Chicken curry

Spicy chicken curry

Caramel beef

Caramel beef

Vegetarian pad thai

Vegetarian pad thai


€30 per person

BBQ hamburger

BBQ burger

Cheese burger

Vegetarian burger